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IRON F.Reiza Championship - Main info

Discussion in 'Iron FReiza Season 1' started by Sergio Marques, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Sergio Marques

    Sergio Marques Administrator Admin


    Welcome to the IRON F.Reiza Championship, where we will be racing several International tracks that are also used in real F1 championship, with 10 races of one hour each.

    Our aim on this championship is to promote enjoyment, cordiality and fair play between all drivers, any aggressive disturbing in the forum or during the events, will not be accepted.

    Champ name: IRON F.Reiza Championship
    Server name: IRON FReiza Champ
    Car: F Reiza
    Available server: 1
    Available seats: 26
    Events: 10 @Fridays bi-weekly

    16/11/2012 - Barcelona
    30/11/2012 - Imola
    14/12/2012 - Melbourne
    **** Christmas break ****
    04/01/2013 - Magny Cours
    18/01/2013 - Montreal
    01/02/2013 - Nurburgring
    15/02/2013 - Silverstone
    01/03/2013 - Spa
    15/03/2013 - Monza
    29/03/2013 - Interlagos

    Events times:
    21:00 - Practice
    21:35 - Qualification (20 Minutes)
    21:55 - Warm Up (5 Minutes)
    22:00 - Race (Around 1 Hour, with fixed laps)

    all times are CET = GMT+1

    Aids Allowed: Only Auto-Clutch
    Driving View: Forced Cockpit view
    Fuel consumption : Normal, no refuel during race
    Tire wear: Normal, free pit strategy for tires.
    Damage: 50%

    The points scoring:
    P1: 25
    P2: 18
    P3: 15
    P4: 12
    P5: 10
    P6: 8
    P7: 6
    P8: 4
    P9: 2
    P10: 1

    Race fastest lap: 1 point

    Sign-up will start at the relevant topic from today until the 10th of November and the championship only will take place if we have at least 16 drivers.

    There will be two championships, one for Teams and another for drivers, the sign up will done by the team principal for the all Championship.
    Teams can have one or two drivers, any Team can replace any driver for another one during the Championship for any reason, however during the championship the Team can only use 4 drivers at the maximum.

    When the sign-up is made, the all team is agreeing with the championship rules, after that no complaining about them will be accepted.

    Each selected Team has to reply at the Skins topic with the download link of his skin or select a skin already available for these cars from the real F1 teams, in this case both Team drivers have to pick the same one.


    Punt, barge and rejoin rule;
    If for any reason punt another driving forcing him to go off the track or lost positions and if you want to avoid any penalty after the race, you should serve immediately a drive through without pit stop for repair.
    Particular attention must be given to rejoin the track to avoid contact with other drivers.

    The responsibility for the decision to pass another car, and to do it safely, rests with the overtaking driver.
    Once the overtaking driver has his car on side of the other vehicle, the leading driver must leave enough room on the track.

    Blocking is a suddenly changing of the racing line in an attempt to cut off and prevent an obviously faster car from making a pass and is not permitted.

    Laps down;
    If a driver is one or more laps down during the race or is on his installation lap during qualification, he needs to give room to the other drivers that are faster than him.

    Corner-cutting is not allowed. Drivers must have at least two wheels in white lines of the track at any time during the lap, unless no advantage was taken from that action. Penalties may be given for an off-course excursion that affords an advantage.

    Chat is not allowed in any shape or form during qualifying or during the race, this also means no chat until everybody has finished the race.

    If you need a review of an accident please send me a PM with the description of the matter inside 48h from race end and the racing staff will decide how to proceed.
  2. Sergio Marques

    Sergio Marques Administrator Admin

    Because we should have a better Melbourne track version, but I don’t know if it will be ready for the 16th of November, I did a little reschedule in the championship and move it to be the third round.
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  3. JJ Addison

    JJ Addison Member Forum User

    So we go to Imola next correct? Need to know where to ship all the busted parts from Spain.
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  4. Sergio Marques

    Sergio Marques Administrator Admin

    Yes, the track is already running in server. Put the car in the plane and fly to there.:D
  5. Sergio Marques

    Sergio Marques Administrator Admin

    About the laps down situation, I would like to clarify it a bit.

    The slower driver, who is been overlapped, should give room and make it easier for the faster driver, don't ignoring the blue flags, but this one should also be cautions on the overlapping, because the slower driver can't just disappear, they are doing their race too.
  6. JJ Addison

    JJ Addison Member Forum User

    Yes true Sergio, All drivers must be aware of whats going on around them. Sometimes a back marker may be in a real fight with another back marker so the on coming lead car needs to be just as aware as the back marker and the lead car need to do the right thing. If you get the evil blue flag you need to get off the racing line as soon as its safe for you to do so.

    I think you can set the file to levy a drive thru penalty for ignoring a blue flag. You can also set the amount of time it will wait before it gives you a penalty. But I think all of us will get it worked out. Seems like a grid of solid drivers and it was just Rd 1 and we were all amped up.
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  7. Riaan Lamprecht

    Riaan Lamprecht Member Forum User

    I think its very simple, if you see a blue square in the corner of your screen then MOVE, it's that simple :D
  8. Sergio Marques

    Sergio Marques Administrator Admin

    But don't forget that it's also the responsibility of the driver who is overlapping, to do it in a safe way.

    He also should be aware that if someone is going to lost a lap, that means that he is a lot slower than you and at some points of the track he can't just disappear.

    But like JJ said, this was just the first round and I think things will get better on the next ones.
  9. Stuart Pickering

    Stuart Pickering Member Forum User

    I have seen this debate many times, If the slower guy is in clear track then yes he should move over on a safe part of the track, if they have already committed to a corner then NO !! you need to wait until the corner is finished and then Hopefully they then move, Also if 2/3 slower guys are battling for position then you should be aware of it, as they may not right away see the blue flag or are waiting for the main straights so you can pass again in a safe place, no point trying to force a move on someone as it only ends in tears and lots of skid marks.
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  10. Riaan Lamprecht

    Riaan Lamprecht Member Forum User

    I've just had this debate too, and I totally agree with this.
  11. Sergio Marques

    Sergio Marques Administrator Admin

    I also agree that Stuart put it in a very clear way, thanks for that.
  12. Tiens van Zyl

    Tiens van Zyl Active Member Forum User

    Skid marks on track and in pants :p But Seriously agree with this Stuart. So politely asking the guys lapping to be a bit more patient and the guys being lapped (like myself) to be more aware and move off the line when safe.

    Do we all then agree that the driver doing the over lapping will stay on the racing line at all times and wait for the driver being lapped to move over when it's safe?
  13. Dewald Nel

    Dewald Nel Active Member Forum User

    That was never the issue here, at least not in my case. 5 Corners is just too much to be held up by a backmarker. 1 or 2 corners is not the problem.

    Also sudden movements towards the side of which you're lapping the guy is unnecessary.
  14. Stuart Pickering

    Stuart Pickering Member Forum User

    As stated, its common sense and we all need to respect each other, 5 corners is alot. But remember being fast does not make you a good racer.
  15. Martin Slezak

    Martin Slezak Active Member Forum User

    Guys also remember the words of Ayrton Senna: "By being a racing driver means you are racing with other people. And if you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver because we are competing, we are competing to win." Personally I am always aggresive. That's why we're racing, moreover we have the luxory of not risking our lives or multi-million dollar cars.
  16. Dewald Nel

    Dewald Nel Active Member Forum User

    Let's agree to disagree on that.
  17. JJ Addison

    JJ Addison Member Forum User

    1st there is no Ayrton Senna racing in any sim league. And 2nd your unnecessary rough driving cost at least 2 drivers a lot of hours of hard work on their cars. Now thats not a million dollars..... but my time is pretty valuable. Use your head and drop the subject.
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  18. Sergio Marques

    Sergio Marques Administrator Admin

    This topic isn't for this kind of discussion, if there's any issues about races, solve them by PM.
  19. Stuart Pickering

    Stuart Pickering Member Forum User

    Guys where is the server password?
  20. Stuart Pickering

    Stuart Pickering Member Forum User

    Fast is always good but it needs to be controlled, look at Grosjean and Maldonado fast guys but no track sense.

    Not good racer imo

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